A few more details about our love of details!

We take pride in our concern over details, particularly with respect to the furnishings and comfort that make d'Ylläs Usva a truly unique chalet.  Normally the beds in Finland are 80 cm wide, but the beds in this chalet are bigger, and they assure you a good night’s sleep in absolute peace.  Note, too, that in the mezzanine there is a special reading place just for you.  As we said before, the modern kitchen is well equipped to help you prepare and eat fondues and raclettes.

The wax room for Nordic skiers has all you need to make sure that your skis are what they have to be under any conditions.  Again, you can go snowshoeing using the six pairs of snowshoes and poles that are for you to use free of charge. You can start you snowshoe adventure right out the front door of this chalet.  When you want to go shopping, you use the well-known “trottineige," which is type of Finish sled.

Once you make a reservation, we will give you suggested itineraries and useful ideas.  You can consult the Internet to find out when you might be able to see the aurores boréales.

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