How to make a reservation

Our goal is that when rent Ylläs Usva, you're completely at ease from the moment you get to town to the moment you leave. We want to make sure that you experience an unmatched vacation.

Please understand that we run a full-service travel agency and we will get the best prices for you for every aspect of your travel.

When you want to make a reservation, you need to provide us with a deposit of 170 Euros per person. The remainder of what you owe has to be paid 4 weeks before your departure for our chalet. You can either use a bank transfer or a credit card (with a 3% cost added on).

We suggest that you buy trip insurance.

Our company is a member of a large Swiss organization that guarantees Swiss travel agencies. As such, you do not have to worry about any financial issues. We are solvent and serious!

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