Our services Personalized and flexible!

We do what you want so that you have to take care of the least amount of details. We can handle your flight to the nearest airport in Kittilä. We can also reserve all of the different activities and restaurant booking.

Taking care of your flight

If you want, we will give you an estimate of what the best price will be from the airport of your choice. Finnair provides many flights going through Helsinki that end up in Kittilä. There are a number of companies offering direct flights from Munich, Paris, and Zurich.

A van or rented car

If the former, our driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to our chalet. Depending on the time of arrival of your flight, this transfer from the airport to our chalet may be done by us or by the management of the chalets, situated in the center of town. In any event, this transfer takes about 40 minutes and costs 120 Euros / CHF 120,- per person roundtrip. If you want the most freedom, we can reserve a car for you. Figure that it will cost about 400 Euros for a week. To be sure, all of the tires are snow studded.


As we have said a few times before, we can take care of reserving a dogsled ride, snowmobile ride, and other activities.

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